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For many residents and visitors to Bangkok, life can be quite hectic. Be it at work or on the social scene, the atmosphere tends to be fast-paced. For those in the know, an easy way to get a break from all this would be to make a trip to nearby Hua Hin. For generations, this district has attracted many Thais, with several notable summer palaces having been built in the region.

It is home to Thailand’s best kitesurfing beach and is awash with seafood restaurants that offer many beloved Thai dishes. In more recent years, the beautiful hilly countryside and tropical seaside have become home to an array of high-end resorts and residences.

Banyan Residences have become an important part of this landscape, offering a selection of properties for purchase and rent. Taking inspiration from local Thai architecture, the homes are spaciously built in peaceful settings, with all the amenities guests would desire. The beautifully appointed interiors are complemented by easy access to pools, where residents and guests can relax in a tranquil and private environment.

Not so far is the world-famous Banyan Golf Club. This championship-standard 18-hole course has attracted many professional players and enthusiasts, who have found the uniquely challenging terrain a worthwhile pursuit.

As a part of the amenities, the course features an all-day dining restaurant within its clubhouse, where golfers and their guests can comfortably enjoy drinks and meals. Dubbed the ‘Terrace’ restaurant, it has earned its own enviable reputation as being amongst the best eateries to be found in the Hua Hin region.

It is one of the best destinations for enjoying the sunset over the Burmese mountains. So whether you are vacationing at the Banyan Residences or a visitor to Hua Hin looking for a superior dining experience in the vicinity, you cannot go wrong with a reservation at the Terrace.

The Terrace offers the ideal setting to enjoy a few drinks while taking in the beautiful sunset. It is also a good place to grab a bite to eat before or after playing a round of golf. We highly recommend taking time during lunch or dinner to enjoy the relaxing ambiance and delicious menu. Even those that like to get in an early round of golf can drop by for some breakfast.

The Terrace is open daily from 6 am-7 pm. Our staff adheres to the highest standard of service so expect attentiveness and courtesy at every turn.


The Terrace menu offers guests the opportunity to try Thai cuisine or opt for other gourmet Asian and continental dishes. Thai cuisine makes healthy use of spices, but the chefs can adjust the level of spiciness for those not accustomed to still comfortably try out new dishes.

Much of the menu features local and continental seafood dishes made from fresh catches sourced from Hua Hin. Many of the seafood choices on the menu easily rival anything you would get at the popular beachfront restaurants. Vegetarian options are also available as the region offers good access to fresh farm produce.

The restaurant is famed for its Grill menu that features beef, poultry, fish, and pork choices. The beef is Australian grain-fed tenderloin and sirloin cuts. If you prefer white meat, try the grilled Grilled salmon and Apple saladchicken breast or Tasmanian Salmon Steak.

For those visiting the Terrace for drinks, there is a lighter menu of appetizers and deli sandwiches to choose from as accompaniments. From vegetable spring rolls to Croque Monsieur, many simple options can appeal to both adults and kids.

Freshly made hot soups are another good option as a starter or snack. If you prefer something filling but mild, try the Thai Vegetable Clear Soup. For a bit more kick, order the Tom Yum Goong that features spicy river prawn broth peppered with Thai herbs.

For those looking to indulge in local cuisine, you cannot go amiss with deep-fried sea bass accompanied by differently flavored sauces. There is also an excellent selection of stir-fries and curries to try including the Panang Nue, Kaeng Phed, Gai Phad Med Mamuang, and Phad Pong Kari Talay.

Desserts are freshly made every day, offering a small variety to choose from. Try the deceptively simple but sweet Tab Tim Krob, or go the seasonal route with a platter of fresh local fruit. For those with a more sophisticated palate, try the Banyan Young Coconut Crème Brulee that uses the freshest local ingredients to create a classic dish.

Italian influences are evident just not by the pizza selection, but also the ever-popular pasta dishes. from the flavorful Tiger Prawn and Truffle Pasta to the comforting Smoked Salmon and Asparagus, there are several delectable options to choose from if European cuisine is more your style.

Wine Cellar

The terrace is home to one of the most impressive wine collections in the region. Featuring over 50 types of wine varietals, it is a great place for wine aficionados to indulge their taste buds. From the Americas to Europe and Australia, the Terrace has invested well in identifying and bringing home some of the world’s best vino.

Guests with an interest in wine collections may request to visit the cellar and have a peek at our fine offerings. All the bottles are beautifully displayed and well organized in a dedicated wine room. You can also consult our team for advice on the best wine pairings for the menu dishes you choose.

Golf And Wine Dinner

This monthly event is a popular attraction at the Terrace that sees diners indulge in an evening of wine matching with extraordinary cuisine after a pleasant round of golf. With a wine cellar that features over 50 different varieties to wine to choose from, careful selection is done to ensure that even connoisseurs enjoy great satisfaction.

All dishes are artfully prepared and presented, offering diners a wealth of opportunity to indulge in a variety of world and local cuisines.

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