Safe Distancing While Playing Golf

Banyan social distancing

As many countries around the world begin to see a decline in Covid-19 infections, businesses are thankfully reopening. The shutdowns served an important purpose in helping to stem the tide of infections and now that things are turning around, many can finally get back to work and enjoying their lives more fully.

At the Banyan Golf Club, this welcome development has meant that patrons who were forced to keep away can now get back to their enjoyment of the course and some associated amenities. However, it is vital to note that a decline in infections does not mean an end to the pandemic. We are still far from reaching that point and must act cautiously to safeguard both patrons and employees.

Here are some key tips for making your golfing experience as safe and enjoyable as possible.

·      Safe Distancing

This now-familiar behavior should very much become a part of your day out. Generally speaking, golfers do tend to give each other plenty of space while on the green, but now it is just as important within your own party. If you are not golfing alone, do try to adhere to the six feet rule. The golf course has plenty of space to work with so safe distancing should be an easy behavior to adhere to. For golf Thailand players and visitors, the Banyan is considered to be the best course in the country. Let us all keep it a safe environment by learning to keep a safe distance between ourselves.

·      Wear Your Mask

Thais have done well when it comes to mask-wearing and hygiene. This needs to continue even on the golf course. For the most part, there will be a large distance between yourself and other golfers. But with the often windy conditions, you cannot always trust that you are safe. Adhering to mask-wearing habits, especially at the beginning and end of rounds is important. This is when you are at the greatest risk due to closer proximity with others.

·      Keep Hand Sanitizer Close

In the absence of water and soap, hand sanitizer is the next best option. Be sure to stash a small bottle in your pocket or golf bag. If you happen to come in contact with another person or their belongings, a small squirt can help limit the risk of transmission.

·      Avoid Hand Shakes

This brings us to the next concern of handshaking. A return to golfing may mean encountering people you have not seen in a long while due to the imposed restrictions. It is instinctive to want to hug or shake the hand of such people, but restraint is very important right now. Such simple contact, combined with behaviors such as face touching is what encourages the transmission of viruses. Try to remind yourself to avoid doing so, but if you do by mistake, immediately sanitize.

·      Do Not Touch

While on fairways, there are many things golfers are accustomed to encountering and picking up. From lost golf balls to carelessly placed bunker rakes, there is a myriad of items you may find discarded or dropped as you complete your round. While it may seem the polite thing to pick it up, to return it, or get it out of the way, this can be risky. There are no firm confirmations as to how long the virus can last on surfaces. So avoid picking up what is not yours.

·      No Sharing

Golfers are often generous towards one another. A ball going into the water can prompt another player to hand over his spare. Wanting to try out each other’s clubs is another common practice. During this time, it is best to quell that temptation and simply work with what you have. this again is due to the issue of how long the virus remains on surfaces. Avoid the risk of transmission by ensuring you arrive at the course with all the equipment you need. if you forget something, chances are the Pro Shop will have it in stock.Banyan Safe distancing

·      Order Takeout

One of the best amenities offered at the Banyan Golf club is the Terrace Restaurant located in the main clubhouse. It is a great place to have a meal before and after a round. This restaurant is famous for its sumptuous dishes and excellent customer service. Customers can now dine in with social distancing at each table or place your order for pick up as you leave the golf course. This way you not only get to enjoy your time on the green but also a delicious meal from a top-rated restaurant.

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27 DECEMBER 2017
27 DECEMBER 2017