Welcome to Banyan Thailand Hua Hin, Where Holiday Dreams Come True

Considered the first beach resort town of Thailand, Hua Hin city and the surrounding areas have had an air of prestige and class since the Thai royal family chose it as the location for their summer palace almost one hundred years ago. This connection to royalty is still palpable around the area where development has been slower and more calculated than in other Thai beach towns.

The Perfect Combination

While Hua Hin is famous for being a perfect conjunction between city and sea, Banyan Thailand is where relaxation and carefree living meet the amenities of a cosmopolitan backdrop. Here you will find a family resort, a professional golf course, relaxing spa treatments and exotic villas that feel like home. Here you can choose where you want to be and fulfill everyone’s vacation wishes.

Not Your Average Holiday Destination

Banyan Thailand is not your typical holiday destination. We offer you the opportunity to create and design your very own residence on the pristine property grounds. The possibility of building your private holiday home from the ground up, in one of the nicest areas of Thailand, is a reality at Banyan Thailand Hua Hin. The ability to own a little bit of paradise is a unique feature of Banyan Thailand and ensures perfect getaways for years to come.

World-Class Golf Experience

From the lagoon pool that flows freely throughout the entire resort, to your personal pool at your family villa, and an award winning 18 hole golf course a 15 minute drive away, an active lifestyle is guaranteed at the resort and residences. We pride ourselves in the wide variety of activities on offer at our property, including the chance to relax completely in a luxurious yet family-friendly atmosphere.

Make Your Holiday Dreams A Reality

We would like to formally introduce ourselves as our residences truly take shape. With 50 of our 102 villa plots already customized, constructed or in construction, and making residents’ dreams an actuality, we will be sharing more of what it’s like to live here and be a part of our exclusive community. Please join us as we take you on a journey to our Banyan Thailand Hua Hin.

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27 DECEMBER 2017
27 DECEMBER 2017

Of course, if you would like to make any adjustments to the layout, or even if you would prefer an entirely new layout that keeps within the seamless style of Banyan, then our Project Director will prepare a custom design draft based on your input. Once the designs have been completed and approved, we will then tender them to a number of reliable contractors. Once we’ve gathered their BOQ (Bill of Quality) quotations, you will then be able to make an informed decision as to which contractor you would like to choose.

Additionally, The Banyan Residences can provide you with an exceptional Project management service (for an additional fee of 5% of total construction cost) who will gladly guide you through the entire process of buying your own luxury villa in Hua Hin from start to finish. They will also be able to manage the construction process from A through Z, ensuring that absolutely everything is on point, up to standard, and accounted for.

In any case, our internal project management team will be beside you every single step of the way as you optimize your villa. We will do everything in our power to ensure that your unique Villa feels like home and fits perfectly within your budget, lifestyle, and chosen design preferences.