There are some people in life who are really hard workers. They achieve success and gain prominence. Then there are others who are just naturally gifted who shine at the drop of a hat with almost no preparation, woe-ing and wowing the people around them. 

Remarkably, Lizzie as she is simply known, a long-term Hua Hin resident, and active Banyan Privilege Club member, combines both. 

With the energy of a 20-year-old and the wisdom warranted by her years, this is a woman who is as flamboyant as she is considerate as she dedicates herself to making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate in the coastal town.

Dressed in her favourite bright orange and wearing one of a collection of glasses that would make Elton John jealous, Lizzie has been lighting up rooms for decades.

Born and brought up in Indonesia, she has always stood out. “I was born on a boat,” she says. “Somewhere between New Guinea and Sulawesi, and raised in New Guinea, a Dutch colony at the time.”

Lizzie’s bold spirit soon brought her to other lands. “I was a model and a singer. I walked the catwalk in Germany and lived in Switzerland. Life was good. I started working in IT and soon got the nickname Christmas Tree! They’d say every corner was a surprise.”

Twenty years ago, she moved to Hua Hin. “I never really wanted to come here but I have fallen in love with the place and I focus on charity.”

In 2005, she started MCC Charity Hua Hin, with MCC standing for Multi-Cultural Community, a project that spearheads charity projects across barriers and boundaries of cultures with the aim of bringing them together to create a strong community that celebrates the life and takes care of those less well off in equal measures.

The tireless Lizzie, now 75, is constantly promoting and cajoling and bringing people together – with 7,000 readers of her frequent newsletters – and a host of planned events.

“For me education is everything – it is the most important thing for charity. We were so happy to recently support two wonderfully talented Thai girls, each 22 years old, who are now at Stamford International University Hua Hin. It was a dream true. 

“I have enough – I am not hungry. I always work – and I have fun doing it. It creates a deeper meaning in our lives. But it is only together that we can make a difference, not alone.”

Be sure to look out for Lizzie and support the latest MMC event. She is one of a kind and truly a woman with a heart of gold. “I love Hua Hin. This is now my home.”

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27 DECEMBER 2017
27 DECEMBER 2017